Rules & Regulations



As we know, Sky Guard Indonesia (SGI) is an official special operations group under IVAO Indonesia division department Special Operations and this is the organisation rules and regulations for all aspect of the operations in Sky Guard Indonesia (SGI). All members should know and apply the contents of this Rules and Regulations.

Sky Guard Indonesia (SGI) focus on Special Operations activity following the IVAO Special Operations Department directive, we shall avoid under any circumsances, to simulate or to become involved in real world ethnical, political and religious confilts and problems, also we shall avoid to simulate any act of aggression or (an act of) war. An act of aggression is defined as any aggressive, abusive or hostile behavior towards other people in the IVAO environment that is intentional and/or unwanted and without prior consent of the people directly involved.

All SGI’s members are required to be familiar with all provisions of this Rules and Regulations, including staff operations and administrative responsibilities. The mission of the Sky Guard Indonesia is to educate our members to recognizing the other side of Aviation World under special operations. The Goals is provide a realistic simulated environtment, fun and exciting to enjoy our hobby. Although every effort is made to prescribe information, plicies, regulations, procedures, and work, it is not possible to cover every circumstance. Therefore, SGI Staff will review the situation and provide the needed guidance when a situation arises where no specific procedure, policy, regulation, or guidance is covered in.



Due to the professional nature and skill requirements of virtual military operations and our association with IVAO, enrollment shall be open to anybody, subject to certain minimum criteria as follow:

ER.1. ) Minimum age 16 years old.

ER.2. ) Be active IVAO member at least 6 months and no suspension at least 3 months before.

ER.3. ) Candidates who belong to leader in other military group simulation are not considered. Other situation shall be reviewed by staff.

ER.4. ) An interview may be requested to candidates by Staff to evaluate and assess their motivations, interests and current abilities.

ER.5. ) After the approval, the candidates will be placed at Adisucipto Air Force Base to start their training process. Only after the process is successfully completed they can rank up.

ER.6. ) The candidates have 7 days after their approval to complete their first flight with our callsign registered itherwise their recruitment process will be considered halt for a undetermined period of time.



GR.1. ) It is Mandatory for All Pilots to perform at least 1 flight every 90 days to keep account active.

GR.2. ) Pilot must have good and cooperative attitude with other members and staffs inside and outside SGI. IVAO Rules and Regulations, as well as the LoA, must also be adhered to.

GR.3. ) We accept only flights conducted in IVAO. It is required to read guidance for SGI Callsign when flying online

GR.4. ) SGI Ranks are automatically attached to every pilot. Your first 20 Hours will be in Guardian Flying School as Cadet Pilot, and then you are permitted to operate other aircraft in tactical bases.

GR.5. ) All flights must only be conducted in local areas except in certain missions. Aicraft are expected to be used for its intended missions only.

GR.6. ) Our system automatically records your flight provided that you include the remark “OPR/SGI” in IVAO Flightplan section 18.

GR.7. ) The Pilot with diciplinary issues will be actioned and sanctioned upen by SGI staffs in accordance with the rules

GR.8. ) All Information will be announced through official communications channel listed in this website.