Authorised Aircrew

Authorizing Divisions

XU DivisionXO DivisionAR DivisionNL DivisionIT Division  XR DivisionBR DivisionXE DivisionTH Division

SGI Aircrew which is authorised to perform SO flights outside Indonesia division.


1. SGI050 494448
2. SGI064 533558
3. SGI011 495358
4. SGI098 542929
5. SGI070 467487
6. SGI118 279016


Note. It is permissible for Sky Guard Indonesia aircrew listed above to perform SO flights that constitute participation in international SO events, international SO tours, or divisional SO tours without authorisation of any division.

Guardian Aircrew who want to get authorisation to perform SO Flights outside Indonesia Division under Sky Guard Indonesia (SGI) should be submit registration via